Alcohol Addiction

The NHS estimates that around 9% of men in the UK and 3% of UK women show signs of alcohol dependence.

Whether it be the occasional drink or everyday binge drinking, making sure you are aware of your own alcohol intake is important.

What is an Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol Addiction is considered a disease as well as a depressant, meaning it slows down the activity in the brain. Identifying the severity of the addiction depends on the alcohol intake of the individual.

For many people, having the occasional drink every now and again may not seem so bad. However, in some cases constant drinking may lead to Alcoholism.

Alcoholism affects millions of people across the globe. It’s believed that more than 3 million people have perished from alcohol addiction around the world, representing an estimate of 5.3% of all deaths.

Noticing whether you or someone you love has an alcohol addiction may be the first step in the right direction towards addiction recovery.


Signs of an Alcohol Addiction

In some cases, noticing that an alcohol addiction is slowly developing can be easy to spot. In other situations, the issue of addiction may not be as prominent.

Overtime, the addiction tends to gradually get worse and that’s why it’s important to notice the early warning signs. Below is a list of signs of alcohol addiction:

  • Increased quantity of drinking alcohol
  • Physical change, e.g. appearance
  • Change in attitude
  • Craving a drink without drinking
  • Continuous drinking

Alcohol addiction isn’t just about how much you have to drink. Other factors include how often you drink, what the effects are and what happens when you try to cut back.

What encourages an Alcohol Addiction?

A combination of factors including social factors, environmental factors, genetic factors, or mental factors may contribute towards the rise of an alcohol addiction. Suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety have some relation with the rise in alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Treatment Options

From alcohol rehabilitation, detoxification, and a range of therapy options available, enquiring about what treatment options are best suited to you is the first step.

Admitting you have an alcohol addiction can be a difficult realisation to comprehend. However, taking those first steps towards a successful recovery will make all the difference for your future.

Our 24-hour helplines can advise you on the best form of recovery options best suited to you/your loved one.