Rehab Services London Aims to Provide Free, Impartial, Expert Advice.

Rehab Services London is a free and confidential advice line for those seeking to:

  • Discover alcohol and drug detox services near your location
  • Get alcohol and drug rehabilitation advice
  • Learn how to overcome addiction
  • Find out more about the best treatment for you/your loved one

Rehab Services London not only provides advice for those wanting to overcome addiction, they also offer advice for families and friends affected by the disease.

We work with every CQC registered rehab in the London Borough, and you can be assured entrance to only rehab centres with a proven track record of helping people overcome addiction and outstanding facilities.


Rehabs In London

We have extensive knowledge of all the Rehabs in the London area and can help you find the right rehab for you or a family member.

You may be limited in terms of where you can stay due to various factors such as distance or cost. You may also be looking for a rehab close by if you are administering a family member, or some people prefer to move out of the local area to a different borough.

Through our knowledge, we can provide you with a list and talk you through all the options available to you within the M25. Some rehabs specialise in different addictions, such as alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction or more complex addictions that may be tangled up with mental health conditions.

We take all the pain away from having to contact a multitude of places and deciding on what rehab will give you and your specific needs the best chance of making a full recovery into sobriety.


Experienced Addiction Professionals

When you contact us, you will speak with an experienced addiction counsellor who has 1st hand experience working in rehab centres. We can provide advice on everything from what you need to take, how long you will need to stay and if you have visitation rights in certain rehabs.

Some rehabs in London have specific rules in place regarding phones, iPads and connection with the outside world. For some people, exclusion from the outside world can be of benefit, but for other people, it can only increase the difficulty of the period. We can clearly explain the pros and cons of different rehabs in the area so that you will be fully prepared before your stay.

We will then take all your considerations into account, provide you with the most suitable options available, and book you in for an assessment before starting your stay in rehab.


Help Accessing Affordable Rehab Centres

One of the major stumbling blocks for many people in getting treatment for addiction is the cost of rehab. We can help find you the best rehab centre within your budget. Today, many people look online for rehab services and may not encounter better, more affordable rehabs if they have not found them online.

We know all the options available in the London area, and our team are here to help you find the right rehab centre for your budget.