Private Services

Struggling with addiction? Help and support is available.

Suffering with a severe addiction can really disrupt your day to day life, not to mention your own health and relationships with family and friends. Addiction needs to be treated as soon as possible and as effectively as possible. This will ensure you receive the best results on your road to recovery.

At Alcohol Rehab Services London, we are able to signpost you to a variety of organisations offering a safe and secure environment where you can start your detoxification, rather than at home without safeguards in place.


Seek Professional Support Today

You do not have to be referred for treatment at a private rehabilitation centre by your GP in order to book in.

The length of stay at a private rehabilitation centre varies between individuals, however, it is most common to stay between ten days to three months. We advise our clients to check into a private rehabilitation centre for at least four weeks in order to ensure the addiction is suitably treated.

To book into a private alcohol rehab centre near you, contact us today.


Benefits of Private Rehab

Private rehabilitation has been designed for people who suffer from severe addiction and would prefer to rehabilitate in a safe and secure environment. Alcohol detox is difficult and potentially dangerous so it is important to detox under professional supervision. As part of the treatment, the addict is required to live in the treatment centre, where they are provided with facilities such as tailored rehabilitation, well being therapies and a personally designed aftercare plan.

Making sure you receive professional support and guidance during your rehabilitation treatment will reduce the risk of relapse later down the line. Many people find that they are able to make lasting changes with just a few weeks of support. However, for some their recovery journey is longer and they may require more help along the way.

Entering rehab at first may seem daunting, but you will thank yourself in the future when you leave the centre drug and/or alcohol-free.