Free Services

Alcohol treatment is available as a free service, provided by either the NHS or charities, with the option to pay for private alcohol treatment also.

Here at Alcohol Rehab London, we offer a 24 hour helpline service for anyone suffering with mental health problems as well as addictions. We also advice those seeking to:

  • Discover alcohol and drug detox services near your location
  • Get alcohol and drug rehabilitation advice
  • Learn how to overcome addiction
  • Find out more about the best treatment for you/your loved one

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Why are Free Services so important?

Funding for community treatment services is vitally important as without it help would only be available to either those who find support groups effective, or to those who can afford to go private. Without adequate services large numbers of people would be left without the crucial help and support they require on their journey to a healthier life.

Community services not only provide support for those wanting to overcome addiction, they also offer support for families and friends affected by the disease. When family and friend support is available, it can be essential in making change possible.